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Taylor Chace: Never say never with Northeast Passage

Taylor Chace sustained a spinal cord injury during a hockey game in 2002. At 16, he was a highly sought after stand-up player and the thought that he would never play a competitive sport again was life changing. Shortly after his injury, he was introduced to Northeast Passage and the sport of Sled Hockey. From the beginning, Northeast Passage was there to offer support, guidance, appropriate equipment, training advice and […]

Jen: Northeast Passage has become a gateway to becoming fully alive

Received: March 2007 I’m 22 years old, I was born with spina bifida, and I have been a full-time wheelchair user since the age of 2. I’m currently a student at Boston College, where I study developmental and educational psychology. I serve on the governing board of the National Youth Leadership Network and the National Council on Disability Youth Advisory Committee, and I am an alumnus of the American Association […]

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