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Rental Equipment

Ice Sled with Push Bar


We have sit ice sleds in a variety of sizes to skate with your friends and/or family. Push bars are available for most of these sleds so that someone can assist with movement and control on the ice. Modified hockey sticks with sharp picks on the bottom are used to propel yourself around the ice.

Recreational Ice Sled


Our Unique Inventions specialty ice sled has a wrap around highback with a chest strap for increased trunk support. Removable head rest, push bard and adjustable length. We have 2 sizes - 13" wide seat and 15" wide seat.

Hase Kettwiesel Handcycle


This has the same frame as the foot powered Kett. Comfortable bike, hand crank boom swings out of the way for easier transfer on and off. Has tandem capability.

Side Stix


Carbon Fiber forearm crutches. We have 2 different size sets of crutches. Both sets have Biokork grips. We have the Sandshoe, Snowshoe and Ice Spindle attachments.

Boccia balls and ramps


Two sets of leather Boccia balls for Paralympic Boccia. Custom ramps built with lots of adjustability to put your shots on target.

Adult Skate Trainer


Adult size skate trainer, 41" tall.

Kettwiesel Tandem


Two or more Kettwiesel's can be attached together to form a tandem. It is popular for its ease of transfer, comfort and maneuverability.

Trailmate Lowrider Jr.


The Lowrider Jr. is stable and has a heavy frame for 'rugged performance'.

Top End Force R


The Force R is our highest performance recumbent handcycle. Sleek, light and aerodynamic. This bike is meant to go straight and fast!

Top End Force 3 w/Bike-on Brake


The Force 3 is a great intermediate recumbent handcycle with more ground clearance and a slightly higher seat for transfers than the Force R. Featuring 27 speeds and a disc brake. This Force 3 has the Bike-on Brake installed, allowing you to brake without taking your hands off the grips!

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