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All Terrain Equipment

De-Bug Beach Wheelchair

Similar to the Landeez model, the De-Bug offers full support including a headrest and footrest.


Kick Sled

The Kick Sled (with cross country skis) is perfect for winter time fun! Using it on packed snow-covered trails is best.



The TrailRider is appropriate for hiking and with Northeast Passage modifications can be used in the snow too!

Vipmat Technologies – Hippocampe


Our most popular beach chair, the Hippocampe works on the beach, in the water, on packed trails or snow. It can be used independently or with assistance, using the push bar (can be removed for independent use).

Natural Access Landeez


The Landeez works on sand, snow, gravel and soft soils. The Landeez disassembles completely for easier transport and storage.

Motion Concepts Terra Trek

Terra Trek

The Terra Trek is our most popular hiking/all terrain chair. This rugged chair with knobby tires can be used on most off-road terrain. Add trekking rickshaw poles for a team hiking experience. Front casters can be removed for easier transport over roots, rocks and tree stumps...add them back on when you reach your destination.

Cobra Off-Road Chair


Our Cobra Off-Road Wheelchair is stable and is used on trails for steep terrain, bumps and flats.

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