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Side Stix

Carbon Fiber forearm crutches. We have 2 different size sets of crutches. Both sets have Biokork grips. We have the Sandshoe, Snowshoe and Ice Spindle attachments.

Boccia balls and ramps

Two sets of leather Boccia balls for Paralympic Boccia. Custom ramps built with lots of adjustability to put your shots on target.

FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment


The FreeWheel Wheelchair Attachment attaches to the front of a rigid frame chair (foot rest) and allows the user to to easily traverse grass fields, snowy parking lots, enjoy hiking trails and safely glide down bumpy sidewalks and curbs.

Portable Ramps

portable ramp

Sizes available - 3', 4' and 8'. 3' pictured here. Ramps fold in half for easier transport and storage. Long term rentals available. Please inquire about availability.

Equipment Categories

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