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Skis & Snowshoes

MSR Snowshoes (adjustable) and Trekking Poles

MSR Snowshoes

Northeast Passage has a small selection of MSR (adjustable) Snowshoes for use during the winter months. Snowshoes and trekking poles can be rented together or separately.

Tubbs Snowshoes & Trekking Poles

Tubbs Snowshoes

Northeast Passage has a selection of Tubbs Snowshoes available for accessing winter trails. Snowshoes and trekking poles can be rented separately or together.

Mountain Board

mountain board

We have a collection of Mountain Boards with Nordic frames mounted on them for Nordic ski off-season cross-training. We always rent mountain board, frame and poles together. Please inquire about sizes and availability.

Nordic Sit Ski & Poles

Nordic Sit Ski

Northeast Passage has a  variety of sit ski frames including Hall, Kiwi, Sierra and Praschberger. Please inquire about the best ski for you and your recreational needs. We always rents ski frame, skis and poles together.

Equipment Categories

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