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Stand Up

Liquid Force Wakeboard


The Liquid Force Wakeboard can be used standing up (traditional setup) or sitting down using a cage.

HO Blast Combos

HO Blast skis

For skiers interested in traditional stand up or slalom skiing.Wide front eases effort with deep water starts and V bottom helps improve tracking both on starts and when you're up skiing - for beginner to novice skiers.

Connelly Crossfire Combos

Connelly Skis

From Overton's: The shaped design of the Crossfire offers novice skiers the chance to sharpen their skills on a very forgiving, stable pair of skis. The wide tip and tail allow for quick planing and effortless deep water starts. Great for beginners.

O’Brien Junior Amigo Combos

O'Brien Skis

From O'Brien: Wider in the tips and shorter in the length translate into easy starts and turns. The Jr. Amigo's are very stable and make learning a snap. Stabilizer bars are included to eliminate skis from getting out of control when you're hitting the water for the first time.

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