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Success Stories

Profile: Brian

Jul 16, 2014

Written By: Nate Loomis Often, the way in which an individual deals with pain and adversity is a window into their true character.  Some individuals have the rare ability to take adversity and transform it into something entirely positive.  Brian, one of NEP’s newest participants, is a great example of someone embodying Northeast Passage’s mantra to Define, Pursue, and Achieve through his own brand of humor, humility and persistence. In […]

Profile: Graeme

Feb 26, 2014

Written By: Nate Loomis On August 24th, 2008 Graeme, a 2002 UNH grad and newly wed in the beginnings of a new career, was involved in a car accident that left him a C-7 quadriplegic.  Graeme was shortly thereafter admitted to Shepherd Rehabilitation Center in Atlanta to complete the rehab process and to learn how to live with a spinal cord injury.  In addition to learning how to adapt to […]

Taylor Chace: Never say never with Northeast Passage

Taylor Chace sustained a spinal cord injury during a hockey game in 2002. At 16, he was a highly sought after stand-up player and the thought that he would never play a competitive sport again was life changing. Shortly after his injury, he was introduced to Northeast Passage and the sport of Sled Hockey. From the beginning, Northeast Passage was there to offer support, guidance, appropriate equipment, training advice and […]

Jen: Northeast Passage has become a gateway to becoming fully alive

Received: March 2007 I’m 22 years old, I was born with spina bifida, and I have been a full-time wheelchair user since the age of 2. I’m currently a student at Boston College, where I study developmental and educational psychology. I serve on the governing board of the National Youth Leadership Network and the National Council on Disability Youth Advisory Committee, and I am an alumnus of the American Association […]

UNH: Kait King

Published from: Create Your Own Story, a program that highlights University of New Hampshire students that have made the most of their time at UNH. Kait King was recognized during the 2010-2011 school year for her contributions to Northeast Passage. “Don’t waste your time during college; when you find your passion – just do it.  You can’t get your four years of college back.” When Kaitlin came to UNH as […]

NEP | A day in the life: Trip Facilitation

It’s pouring rain…tropical storm remnants, bone-soaking, drenching, dripping, constant pelting rain. The eighth graders from Lurgio Middle School in Bedford, NH have been camping and exploring the wilderness around Mount Cardigan in Alexandria for about 24-hours of a 48-hour trip. It’s been raining all morning. A blue tarp is strung from the trees and one class’s worth is huddled underneath. They’re finishing breakfast of bagels, English muffins and pop-tarts. They’re […]

NEP | A day in the life: Recreational Therapy in Schools

On a Friday afternoon in late September, Matt Frye is managing a group of ten students from Somersworth High School and five students from the University of New Hampshire. All of the students are chatty, excited, anxious, and ready to go… Today is for apple picking. What could be better? Matt, a certified recreation therapist, coordinates Northeast Passage’s recreational therapy in schools program. He works in local schools to ensure […]

UNH: Tyler Walker

Published from: Create Your Own Story, a program that highlights University of New Hampshire students that have made the most of their time at UNH. Tyler Walker was recognized during the 2007-2008 school year. Tyler Walker has been in the news several times.  He’s been featured in Rolling Stone magazine and The Boston Globe.  He has met with President George W. Bush.   He has his own website ( if you’re […]

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