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High Hopes: World-class athletes recruited by UNH’s Northeast Passage go for the gold

Jan 10, 2010

From UNH Alumni Magazine,Winter 2010

On a late December afternoon, Taylor Chace ’10 flies across the rink at UNH’s Whittemore Center Arena, carving long arcs in the fresh ice as he whoops and hollers toward the goal. He is sitting down, just inches from the glistening surface, his legs supported in front of him. Beneath the molded plastic seat of his small metal sled, two knife-sharp blades carry his weight, but it’s his arms that propel him, pumping hard, digging into the ice with metal picks on the end of the cut-off hockey sticks he grips in each hand. Nearing the net, Chace shifts his weight, and, in a split-second move, flips his left stick and drives the puck hard into the goal. Whizzing straight for the wall, he careens into an ice-scraping turn and doubles back for another shot. Again and again he fires. Some shots go low. Some go high, sailing into the rink wall with an echoing thud. He’s in constant motion. This is what he loves. This is what he lives for—ice time.

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