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Similarity Awareness

Presentations & lesson plans focusing on diversity

Similarity Awareness allows students of all ages to see that disabilities are an important part of our society and should be embraced and understood. Through group discussion, books, and videos, a sense of community is established between people with disabilities and the non-disabled world. The goal of the program is to give students, teachers and administrators the tools to discuss and explore the similarities we all share, regardless of ability.

Each piece of the curriculum includes a specially designed presentation (length of presentation is flexible, depending on time constraints) by a Northeast Passage staff member (or members).

Grades 2-3:
The focus of this lesson is on a story book, written and illustrated by the staff of Northeast Passage. This story encourages students to be friends with people with disabilities and to ask questions. The story also increases awareness of the similarities students with and without disabilities share. There are specific follow up questions and discussion starters for the book. There are additional activities that allow students to find similarities in people with and without disabilities.

Grades 4-6:
This presentation looks at recreational activities (such as artistic painting, rap music, rock music, dance, comedy and sports) and compares a “performer” without a disability to someone who does the same activity and has a disability. The video clips, paired with current music and recognizable performers, encourage students to look closely at the activities and to draw comparisons between the two. This presentation will encourage students to look at their own personal recreational activities and to explore the various ways people with disabilities can participate in the very same activity.

Grades 7-12:
See the wheelchair sports description below. Also includes a discussion and video of Paralympic sport and competition.

All Grade Levels: Wheelchair Sports & Games
We bring sport wheelchairs and accessories to play a variety of indoor wheelchair sports/games at your school. This experience teaches non-disabled students that although using a wheelchair while playing a sport takes skill and practice, it’s also challenging, athletic and fun. This option can be reserved alone or in conjunction with a presentation. We can accommodate roughly 30 students per hour/class period in this option.

Additional Information:

$85 per one-hour presentation, plus $50 flat rate for use of sport wheelchairs/equipment
$350 – full-day presentation (includes wheelchair sports option for all grades)
Half day, weekly or multi-day rates are negotiable

Please contact us if you have a specific request, as not every school will fit into this structure. We have found that it works best to incorporate students across one full grade level or to include the entire student population. To reach every student, it typically takes 3-5 days, depending on the size of your school and space availability.

For more information or to reserve a presentation contact: Reilly Murphy at 603-862-0070 or by e-mail at

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