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Paraplegic Athlete Victoria Arlen Inspires, Perseveres After Waking Up From Three-Year Coma (Video)

Apr 5, 2013

From: NECN -April 4, 2013

Victoria Arlen was an 11-year-old athlete when she was diagnosed with a disease that put her in a coma for three years. While she was sleeping, her parents stoked the competitive fire within their daughter by playing sports events on TV with the hope that it would help her wake up.

When Arlen woke up she found she was paralyzed from the waist down, but even then, she never wanted to give up on being an athlete. Her perseverance and determination led her to the 2012 summer paralympics where she won gold and set a world record.

Check out the video to see how sports changed the course of Victoria Arlen’s life>>

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