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Recreational Therapy

The Recreational Therapy program provides person-centered treatment for individuals or groups in their home communities, using recreation to improve quality of life, health and independence.

Through this program, Northeast Passage offers wellness education, fitness plans, functional skill development, community integration, resilience techniques, resource and network development, individual and family recreation and peer advising.

The Community/Home Based program works with veterans in New Hampshire and Maine returning from the current war, as well as veterans from past wars. In the last three years, we have worked with over 100 veterans through the Manchester, NH VA and Martin’s Point Health Care’s U.S. Family Health Plan. We work one-to-one in their home communities helping them remove the barriers preventing them from accessing their life and community to the fullest. This is a unique approach to veterans’ adjustment to civilian life and life with a disability, one that is state-of-the-art in the field of Therapeutic Recreation.

The School Based program is designed to work with parents, students, administrators, physical education, special education or classroom teachers, as well as other related service providers, to ensure equal opportunity for students with physical and developmental disabilities. Through individual or group Therapeutic Recreation interventions, the program facilitates the inclusion of students into the school curriculum. Through the use of adaptive equipment, direct instruction, and a focus on social awareness, students can upgrade their skills to a level where inclusive participation in recreation-based activities is successful.

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