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Please see the “NEP Facts” page for Northeast Passage’s operating budget and other statistics, including an explanation of the organization’s relationship with the University of New Hampshire.

Revenue Streams
Northeast Passage has developed a multifaceted strategy to generate funds to support its mission. The organization relies on multiple streams of revenue for security and success.

Northeast Passage hosts one large-scale fundraising event each fall. The Three Notch Century is a 100 mile bike ride through the White Mountains in New Hampshire. It is designed to be the embodiment of the Northeast Passage mission – combining a challenging sport with the opportunity for people with and without disabilities to socialize and to raise awareness and money for Northeast Passage’s adaptive sports programs.

Value Exchange & Corporate Sponsorship
Northeast Passage will work with your company to create an individualized cause marketing sponsorship opportunity, based on “handshakes not handouts”. Marketing benefits include event naming, public recognition, Web site feature stories and links, advertising and event collateral and signage. Northeast Passage is actively looking for corporate sponsors for most of its programs. Please see the “Sponsor” page for a list of companies and organizations that are supporting NEP this year.

Research shows that “one in three Americans has a disability, has a family member with a disability, or works closely with a person with a disability and considers disability issues to be a matter of importance — 83% of those influenced by disability and 78% with no connection to disability would be likely to switch brands to support the “disability cause.” 80% and 74% correspondingly indicated they would also switch retailers. Northeast Passage will help you tap this market.

Facts from: Packaged Facts, Marketing to Americans with Disabilities & National Family Opinion, Inc

Let Northeast Passage put your dollars to work to better the lives of individuals with disabilities! Northeast Passage is a Not for Profit 501c3 organization. All donations to NEP are tax deductible. Large or small, if you believe in Northeast Passage, your support is welcome and appreciated.

We greatly appreciate everyone who supports NEP throughout the year.

  • Annual giving – Northeast Passage sends out an annual appeal letter requesting support each fall. However, your support is welcome at any time.
  • Planned giving – With support from the UNH Foundation, NEP has the expertise to aid in structuring and setting up a planned giving opportunity tailored to your needs and interests.
  • Gift Matching – Check with your place of employment to see if they have a gift matching program.

Fees for Service
Northeast Passage charges modest fees for service, based on program goals and expenses. The NEP staff believes it is important for consumers of the services to invest in the continued availability of services they deem to be of value. Sliding fees are available when the fee for service will be cost prohibitive.

With a lead gift of $500,000 from the Nathan Loomis Foundation, the Northeast Passage endowment was established. The organization plans to build this fund to ensure a strong future for all programs and consumers. If you are interested in helping to build the endowment, please contact Director Jill Gravink at 603-862-0070.

Foundation Grants
Northeast Passage pursues foundation support to fulfill strategic goals, build capacity, and complete projects; and as seed money for program development and adapted equipment.

In the past we have received grants from:

  • Agnes Lindsay Foundation
  • Boston Bruins Foundation
  • Byrne Foundation
  • Christopher Reeve Paralysis Foundation
  • Cogswell Benevolent Trust
  • Danny’s Team
  • Disabled Sports USA
  • Duracell
  • Finishline Youth Foundation
  • Forest Foundation
  • Frito Lay
  • Fuller Foundation
  • Gibney Family Foundation
  • Granite State Independent Living Foundation
  • Grimshaw-Gudewicz Foundation
  • Guild at Portsmouth Regional Hospital
  • Little Harbor Charitable Foundation
  • New Hampshire Charitable Foundation
  • Craig Neilsen Foundation
  • Samuel Hunt Foundation
  • Morton Foundation
  • Plus Time NH
  • UNH Parents Association
  • Unum Foundation
  • Winthrop, Inc. (Fisher Scientific Charitable Foundation)

Federal and State Grants
Northeast Passage will seek government support for program development and research. In the past, NEP has been awarded six competitive multi-year grants:

  • Three Federal grants from the Office of Special Education and Rehabilitation Services
  • One from the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research
  • One from the New Hampshire Health Care in Transition Fund
  • One from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.
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